What is meditation?

My definition is, ‘A tool for cultivating personal awareness’

Once we are aware, the tool falls away.

The word has become quite popular to describe practices that take a person deep within, and open them beyond their normal boundaries. As a life time devotee of meditation and contemplative practice I hesitated to use the word in its umbrella fashion, aware that it is more traditional used for a few particular practices. This reticence has been allayed and I have chosen to embrace its use to describe the variety of techniques I find effective and helpful in every area of a person’s life.

Since my respect runs deep for every practice I humbly acknowledge my broad use of the word in my work. This page will be slowly growing as I share with you many tools from many different traditions and cultures to aid you in your own growth.

I always encourage having a spiritual mentor/guide to walk with you as you stand present to your ‘self’ as it comes forward during meditation. For this end, my instruction talks will be of help, but this is not a replacement to the power to be had in private sessions of intimate sharing.

Why meditation?
Meditation has a universal positive effect because it connects us with a part of ourselves where peace, flow, and balance abound (just to name a few qualities.) On a physical level serotonin is released, the immune system is boosted, free flow of the body systems is enhanced. On a psychological level boundaries are dissolved and deep blocks or triggers can be healed because the root of the problem can be oftentimes found. On other levels happiness, detachment, acceptance, clarity of perspective and many other fruits have been noted.

So the better question here is, ‘why NOT meditation?’

About Kimberly

Explorer. Contemplative. Entrepreneur. Aries. Lover. Friend. Learner. Teacher. Guide. Guided.

From a very young age, (4-5 years old,) I found myself on the receiving end of many moments I now call unitive experiences. Time seemed to stop and veils seemed to pull back where the deeper essence of the moment came forward within me and around me. Naturally curious I liked the feelings these experiences evoked and began to connect the dots that THIS was a key to happiness. These experiences happened in ritual, family, school, and especially nature. Naturally curious the occurances inspired me and motivated me to ask deeper questions. These deeper questions led me to find out that all our happiness and success is within us, we just have to discover it and surrender to it unconditionally and proactively. This can be easily said, but not always easily done, and my journey, probably similar to yours, has been an ever unfolding participation in the co-creation of my life, a yes to what reveals itself in any given moment.

So again and again I surrender. Ever ancient. Ever new.

The first large surrender was to immerse myself in silence in a monastery, impelled by Love firing within my soul I lived ten and a half years as a Carmelite nun. Within that frame came many surrenders, all impelled by the marriage of myself to God.

Another surrender led me to obtain my Masters in Theology, concentrating on spiritual direction and psycho-spiritual development. My hope was to presence others to presence the Divine within themselves…nurturing skills to hear the language of the heart

And yet another surrender, after three years on a ministry team, led me to plunge into the world as a woman, a spiritual guide whose lineage was the common essence of all people and all creation; independent of, yet bowing to all, traditions, faiths and practices, culling forth what can be shared with all.

My training continued as I studied with Rev. Laura Thornberry in developing psychic and spiritual skills, culminating in ordination with the Church of the  Creator; and also studying Reiki through the Diane Stein school, bringing me to complete level 3 Reiki Master training.

Now, I surrender to the pulsing of communication through writing books soon to be published, offering keynotes to inspire all to experience their own inner Essence, teaching Essence Meditation class, and a large host of retreats and workshops including yearly stints as meditation faculty at the renowned Omega Institute in New York and a retreat in Ecuador with AmazonAndesSky. I am happily accepted as a Certified Speaking Professional and member of the National Speaker’s Association.